Baby Showers – Fabulous Idea For Bikini Mums To Be

Baby Showers -There has been a time in some of our lives where we have said – if I had my life to live over again there would be no kids, and then you think about the laughter and joy babies bring and those thoughts change to – I would not change my life for any thing. If a new baby is on the way then back into our thoughts they come where friends of the expectant mum gather to hold a Baby Showers party.

Special occasions as such are celebrated between close friends and family of the mother and father-to-be. Baby Showers is a popular way to welcome the good news of a pregnancy. These types of parties differ in many ways because of the host`s preferential taste in what she or he would see as the ideal way to celebrate the new edition on the way.

Baby Showers can be grand or on a more low key – depending on the budget. Common activities or themes on these occasions will always evolve around the baby. The venue or home where the party is being held will be decorated accordingly to a particular topic if there is to be one, Decorations may include balloons, streamers, cuddly toys and baby bits and bobs. You will find at Baby Showers all attendee`s appetite and bellies will be filled with scrumptious edibles laid on by the host – a running buffet or a sit down meal – the choice is yours.

Guests on arrival always have a pre conceived notion before entering the venue on what they think the Baby Showers party is all about. Well to add a touch of uniqueness to this celebration you need to keep the guest guessing and surprise them with something totally different so that their experience when coming into the room is a jaw dropping one.

Shower parties can still have baby knick knacks around the room but not as much if you were to direct the Baby Showers celebration around the expectant mother.
You can add a little unique fun by showing home video clips of how mum-to-be looked in her holiday bikini and how those days of looking like a bay watch babe are over for a little while. Decorate the room with gifts of maternity wear this will help the future mum with cost – so instead of having to splash out on her self she can spend it on more important essentials like a pacifier and more pacifiers for those sleepless nights a head.

Even though the Baby Showers party on this occasion is about mum – still have the room bright and colourful.

Remember if the Baby Showers party is to be held while the future mother is heavily pregnant she may tire with so much commotion. Another thing to remind your self of is the choice of goodies laid on to eat which may not be agreeable to her digestive system while carrying her baby. (This does not apply to all)

You can direct all the energies of your Baby Showers party around the expectant mother while at the same time dedicating a corner of the room for the new baby on the way with colourful cuddly teddies – baby bottles and baby care essentials.

Even though happy occasions like Baby Showers are fulfilling and rewarding the new mums have to feel good about themselves – unfortunately this is not the case for some mums – although happy with the new baby on the way they can feel down with losing their figure and other niggly concerns. But there is a way to make mum the happiest person at this Baby Shower party – all you have to do is ask all the guests that their gift favors be a small money donation to help mum get back into that holiday bikini by sending her to keep fit classes – of which I hasten to add she will need to keep up with the demands of a new baby.

This will also save the guest a headache on deciding what to buy for their gift favor.

Remember bikini mums the joy and laughter that a new baby brings will make this all so worth while.


10 Parenting Tips For All New Parents

If you are like most parents, you probably want to raise healthy, smart kids. You may already have some ideas on how to achieve this. Here are some parenting tips that will help parents ensure their children develop to their full potential.

One of the parenting tips that work best is giving your children quantity and quality time. When you spend time with your kids, try to engage them in meaningful conversations. Try to build fun and healthy communications and relationships while the kids are young.

In many homes, parents do not really talk to their kids when they are young. But when the kids become teens, these parents desperately want to talk to their teens. But the opportunity is not there anymore. Try not to become average parents. According to statistics, an average American parent spends less than fifteen minutes a week in serious discussion with their children.

Practice and develop good habits. It is important that you push your kids to exercise their faith and put into action the lessons that they have received. For example, it is one thing to learn about charity and caring, but it is another thing to volunteer some time to visit nursing homes and serve the elderly. Or participate in building a house for the poor.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher, said that virtues are acquired by the development of habits. At first it may feel like a duty to maintain good habits but it will become easier as time goes by, and soon they will exercise good habits effortlessly.

Be a good role model. It is hard trying to teach children something when we do not do it ourselves. When they hear you lying about something, what kind of message are you sending to your children? Because action speaks louder than words, your kids will probably imitate our good and bad habits more than listening to our words.

Be involved parents. Involved parents are parents who monitor their kids’ media consumption, know whether the teachings in school are in line with their values and are acquainted with their friends. You should have a good rapport with your kids. Nobody is perfect but the more you become involved in your children’s lives, the better your chances of raising them to be good citizens.

Have a strong and healthy relationship. Having a strong and healthy marriage or relationship is not only good for you but also for your children. A thriving family unit is a good deterrent for anti-social behavior.

One thing for sure: it is hard enough to raise a child with two parents, let alone a single parent. Research shows that two years after a divorce, many boys have trouble concentrating, do poorly on intelligence tests, and have difficulty with math. Should your relationship break down ensure that your children continue to have full support from both parents.

Get connected with other parents. We need support and encouragement from other parents and you’ll no doubt learn new parenting tips from them. It is good to know that you are not the only ones who may be struggling. You can encourage one another to hang in there and continue to do the right thing.

Best Way to Teach Kids to Read

What’s the best way to teach children to read? According to the National Reading Panel, “teaching children to manipulate phonemes in words was highly effective under a variety of teaching conditions with a variety of learners across a range of grade and age levels and that teaching phonemic awareness to children significantly improves their reading more than instruction that lacks any attention to Phonemic Awareness.[1] This is a statement made by the National Reading Panel (NRP) in their report titled “TEACHING CHILDREN TO READ: An Evidence-Based Assessment of the Scientific Research Literature on Reading and Its Implications for Reading Instruction.”

Phonemic Awareness instruction was selected for review by the NRP in their report because studies have identified phonemic awareness and letter knowledge as two of the best predictors of how well children will learn to read in their first 2 years of entering school. There is strong Scientific evidence to suggest that phonemic awareness instructions are an important part in helping children develop reading skills.

One study discussed the presence of phonemic awareness in Austrian children aged 6 to 7 that were unable to read when first entering school. This study found that many children had not one correct response in their test of a simple vowel substitution task. However, a few children who exhibited high phonemic awareness scored close to perfect on this same task. The study further stated that “there was a specific predictive relationship between initial phonemic awareness differences and success in learning to read and to spell.” Even more importantly, the study indicated that it was phonemic awareness abilities, and not IQ, that predicted the accuracy of reading and spelling at the end of grade one. Children with high phonemic awareness at the beginning of grade one had high reading and spelling achievements at the end of grade one, compared to some children with low phonemic awareness who had difficulties learning to read and spell. [2]

In the National Reading Panel report, they also determined that the beneficial effects of phonemic awareness on reading lasts well beyond the period of training. While phonemic awareness instructions are proven to significantly help children learn reading, it is not a complete reading program. What it does, is provide children with a foundational knowledge base of the alphabet language. The NRP analysis also showed that phonics instructions produces significant benefits for students from kindergarten through grade 6, and is also helpful for children with learning to read difficulties.

Children who are taught with phonics and phonemic awareness instructions are consistently able to decode, read, and spell, and even demonstrated significant improvement in their ability to comprehend text. Even older children who receive these similar teachings improved their ability to decode and spell. The NRP made a key statement saying that “conventional wisdom has suggested that kindergarten students might not be ready for phonics instruction, this assumption was not supported by the data. The effects of systematic early phonics instruction were significant and substantial in kindergarten and the 1st grade, indicating that systematic phonics programs should be implemented at those age and grade levels.

However, I would like to further expand on that by saying that children as young as two years old can learn to read through phonics and phonemic awareness instructions. If a young child can speak, then they should be able to learn to read, even if they are as young as two years old. In fact, I have proven this with my own children. We started teaching our daughter at 2 years and 8months, and she was very capable at reading by the time she was just 2 years and 11 months old.

>> Click here to learn more about the simple, step-by-step phonics and phonemic awareness program we used to teach her to read.
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Turn Baby’s First Ultrasound Into Art

There is nothing more memorable then the first ultrasound appointment when you finally get a glance of your baby. A tiny person with fingers and toes, hands and feet, lips and ears. It’s nothing short of amazing. Of course it is nice to take home the little black and white photo from the doctor’s office, but how great would it be to preserve such a beautiful moment by artfully capturing that image?

Well Here I just list out the option to preserve that beautiful moment by artfully manner.

Love at first sight ultrasound picture frame

Love at first sight ultrasound picture frame
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Cool Sonogram Wall Art
Nursery Wall Art Idea  - Cool Sonogram Wall Art. Liz- everyone could sign it that comes to visit at the hospital!:
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Baby Proofing Your private home: In an Adult Pleasant Way

Numerous fantastic resources and solutions are out there that will help make your private home as protected as can be for your new child. By the time child is 6 months outdated, he’ll probably to exploring the home is his possess way. This gives you merely a small total of time for getting everything and every little thing from the best way to make sure that he can not hurt himself (or hurt your factors) during the approach. Modern little one proofing solutions tend to be more adult helpful to use, but there are actually usually far better possibilities readily available than people you might recall applying prior to now.

Get Down In your Knees

The easiest method to obtain likely difficulties in your house is usually to see your home as your son or daughter does. Get down in your arms and knees and crawl all-around. Produce a list of the many opportunity troubles you expose your son or daughter. At this stage, you can see electrical outlets, cords for televisions or lamps, little fringe or other little merchandise on tables which can be picked up, thrown or place of their mouths. Seem for corners on tables or other surfaces that happen to be sharp. Look for stairs or places in the house they will get to as they crawl and afterwards stroll close to. This may incorporate cabinets, closets and doors.

Which has a record in hand similar to this, you can start getting the answers to your troubles. The good thing is you will find numerous excellent products on the market that could assist you to youngster evidence your house without a large amount of concern yourself with expense or even the problems in employing your private home when you would like to.

Child Proofing With Grown ups In mind

Your baby’s protection is definitely the most significant consideration however , you do not need to compromise the convenience of residing you at the moment have. The following are some of your most significant resources offered to you to the two protect your child while still have easy usage of your property and matters.

Safety Latches:

Perhaps you have drawers and cabinets that baby can get into. It is important to keep these locked so that your child can’t get into them and access poisonous chemicals and medications. Latches are available that can be attached to these cabinets (with minimal if any damage to the cabinet itself) You will want to buy latches that are durable can handle the pulls that your child is likely to do to them. Still, many of these products are very easy to install and easy to use.

Corner Protection:

As you crawled around you may have bumped into the corners of tables and chairs along the way. Either remove those with a point from the area or they should have a corner bumper installed on them. These will soften the edge and allow the child to bump into them with little or no effect. Most are widely available for just a few dollars. Choose bumpers that stay snugly in place.

Outlet Covers:

One of the most effective ways to prevent baby from being hurt is with outlet covers. A package of 20 or more can cost just a few dollars. These plastic covers are in the sockets throughout your home, keeping fingers out of the outlet. Parents can easily remove them and replace them when the outlet is in use.

Safety Gates:

Older models of safety gates were hard to put in place and often were cumbersome to deal with. Newer models make getting through them must faster and safer. Protecting baby from stairs and areas of the home that are too dangerous is one of the best ways to child proof your home. These gates are available in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate virtually any home’s design.

There are many other things to add to your home to child proof it. You may wish to add locks to doors to rooms where you do not want your toddler to venture. Every home should have carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms installed in them. Be sure to secure all items on tables safely or otherwise remove cords that could cause an item to fall on the child.

There’s a lot to do but by making a few simple changes to your home you will successfully protect your child from all the problems that usually affect children. Since thousands of children end up in the hospital each year due to injuries or poisonings at their home, don’t overlook the safety in child proofing.